Gemini commands

You need Selenium-server up and running if you want to run tests in real browsers.

Without Selenium Server only PhantomJS browser can be used. In this case, run PhantomJS in webdriver mode before executing Gemini:

phantomjs --webdriver=4444

Updating reference images

Once you have few suites written or some code changed you need to capture or update reference images:

gemini update [paths to suites]

By default, this command will do two things: * update reference images that have changed * generate new reference images for new tests.

Also, you can run this command with options:

  • --diff — update only existing images, states with no reference images will be ignored;
  • --new — generate only missing images.

If no paths are specified, each .js file from gemini directory will be processed. By default, configuration will be loaded from .gemini.yml in the current directory. To specify other config, use --config or -c option.

Running tests

To compare your reference screenshots with current state of blocks, use:

gemini test [paths to suites]

Paths and configuration are treated the same way as in update command.

Each state with appearance different from reference image will be treated as the failed test.

By default, only names of the states are listed in shell, but you can use available reporters:

  • flat (default console reporter);
  • vflat (verbose console reporter);

You can choose them using option --reporter:

gemini test --reporter vflat

CSS code coverage (experimental)

Path --coverage (or set coverage option in config file) to enable code coverage reporter. Gemini will examine your CSS files and report CSS rules that had been captured by at least one test completely (green color in report), partially (yellow) or was not captured at all (red).

Common CLI options

  • --config, -c — specify config file to use.

  • --grep PATTERN — execute only suites with names that match the regular expression pattern.

  • --browser ID — execute suite only for specified browser id. Can be used multiple times. Can be also specified with GEMINI_BROWSERS and GEMINI_SKIP_BROWSERS environment variables (browsers should be separated by a comma). If both CLI option and env variable are set, CLI has precedence.

  • --set, -s — specify set to run

  • --help — display help message.

  • --version — display version.

Overriding config options

See config docs;

Shell completion

To enable Tab-completion of the shell commands add . <(gemini completion) to your shell rc-file ( for example ~/.bashrc for bash or ~/.zshrc for zsh).